Finally you can create chapters in your Youtube video!!!

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What is

What is "Spoken word poetry" (05:26)

Charlott's first love poem (10:24)

Charlott's first love poem (10:24)


Poem..."When they bombed Hiroshima" (15:10)

Our YouTube Chapters aplication allows you to engage your viewers more and give them more control by creating  chapters in your YouTube video!

  • load your youtube video into player and create chapters
  • image and text chapter markers
  • package includes both plugin and module so you can display your video anywhere on page
Youtube chapters component for Joomla Youtube chapters aplication - JavaScript
 Joomla package (component, module, plugin)  
JavaScript version allows integration on any web page or CMS
buy YouTube chapter addon for Joomla buy YouTube chapter addon for Joomla

Available solutions

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